OverdriveConference is an event that wants to be the leader in the field of the computer security and hacking nationwide. The main idea comes from a group of students of the University of Girona who see an opportunity in the domain of the computer security. The principal objective is to approach all those people which are interested in this discipline, either professional or amateur, through series of conferences and other free activities that we will provide.
In recent years, due to the evolution of the ITC in our daily life, the role that plays the computer security has been growing continually and exponentially to the point that it is a key piece to rely the tools that the net gives to us. This is the reason/motive/incentive that makes us assume as convenient and necessary to educate with all the things related to the topic.
Relevance and impact of the event
OverdriveConference pretends to become a pioneering congress in Girona with the presence of prestige attenders worldwide in the field of the computer security and hacking; and involved and active members of the international hacking community, hacking which turns out to be an interesting topic to a lot of people. Thus said, we give a major emphasis on the amount of importance that this Congress will perform. For all the things stated, we believe in the interest at the creation of synergies between all the parts directly or indirectly involved on Overdrive: either Mass media
level from different countries, much business as possible, public administration, high schools, lecturers and all the people interested in going.
Internally, in order to approach to the target audience, we dispose of different channels to guarantee a direct and effective communication. That channels are formed by an own web, the presence on social media and a corporative e-mail. All of them created and maintained by a group of people specialized in the world of communication so as to ensure a fluent communication.


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