Tryton Unconference Barcelona

From Monday 17th to Friday 21st of October the annual Tryton unconference comes to Barcelona. We warmly welcome users, developers and people interested to learn more about Tryton. Discover Tryton features first hand and learn about the latest technical developments presented in the upcoming version 4.2.

Attending the Tryton unconference is free of charge, but donations are welcomed to help the project.

The core of Tryton (also called Tryton kernel) provides all the necessary functionalities for a complete application framework: data persistence, extensive modularity, users management (authentication, fine grained control for data access, handling of concurrent access of resources), workflow and report engines, web services and internationalisation. Thus constituting a complete application platform which can be used for any relevant purpose.

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dilluns, 17 octubre, 2016 - 09:00 a divendres, 21 octubre, 2016 - 20:15

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