MiniDebConf Barcelona 2014

On the 15th and 16th of March, Barcelona will host a Mini DebConf with both talks and social events, to which everyone in Debian is invited but the speakers in the talks are all people who identify themselves as female. We consider this important to:

  • Encourage women who haven't yet given their first DebConf talk
  • Provide role models for women who are interested in contributing
  • Debunk the myth that there are not enough women who can give talks in DebConf

The idea behind the conference is not to talk about women in free software, or women in debian, but rather to make discussion about Debian subjects more inclusive for women.


The weekend of March the 15th and 16th. The event will be celebrated in Facultat de Matemàtiques of Universitat de Barcelona. And Friday, March 14th, evening drinks at Falstaff Bar, from 20:00.

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divendres, 14 març, 2014 - 20:00 a 23:00

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