Desarrollador Frontend (React.js) remoto (H/M)

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Our partner a big  fintech SaaS platform with HQ in Barcelona, that helps finance teams deliver business insights,  offering financial and operational data in real time to of medium-sized companies through direct integrations with other software, they are looking for more than 10 Front-end Engineers. (javascript - react.js)

 You will have the amazing opportunity to code in an extremely agile environment, avoid bureaucracy and overhead, have your code directly impact product and users, and also work hand-in-hand with a senior and world-class tech team.



Remoto o Barcelona

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Enginyeria Tècnica o Grau en Informàtica

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Role & Responsibilities

  • Collaborate closely with engineers, product designers, and product owners to perform experiments and test new ideas
  • Take operational responsibility for the components that you write
  • Build the first version of our web application, which includes:
    • Innovative features
    • Delightful UI components to provide the best UX possible
    • Complex data visualisation (graphs, charts, etc.)
    • Big data handling
    • Customisation possibilities for the user
    • State management
  • Symbiotic relationship with UX, based on peer to peer open and candid feedback:
    • Participating in design decisions and product planning
    • Establishing the roots of our Design System
    • Quickly iterating and testing



  • Versatile (4x4) and hands-on doer, starter attitude
  • Empathetic and humble, you do not hesitate to speak up with respect, and have the capacity to commit in disagreement when needed
  • You learn quickly and enjoy working closely together with your product team to bring value to the users
  • Care about the user experience and know how to build user-friendly web applications


  • Awesome software engineering best practices, from all usual types of testing and frameworks (unit, integration, functional, performance) to PR reviews and pair programming (when needed)
    • You are passionate about writing high-quality code!
  • Ability to write complex, high-performant, reusable code for UI components from scratch
  • Familiarity with modern development and build tools such as git, npm, babel, and webpack; experience with front-end JS testing tools and a comprehensive understanding of UI testing techniques
  • Strong proficiency in Javascript (ES6+) and CSS3
  • Experience working with modern JavaScript front-end frameworks (React is a plus)
  • A solid understanding in core web and browser concepts (eg. how the browser parses and constructs a web page)
  • Experience with performance and optimisation problems and a demonstrated ability to both diagnose and prevent these problems

Bonus points

  • Some experience with BackEnd programming languages (NodeJS, Python, GO or Ruby are preferred)
  • Experience building REST API's and distributed event consumers
  • Database systems knowledge (ProstgreSQL and MySQL are preferred)
  • Experience with TypeScript
  • Participating in one or more open source projects

What they offer

  • Competitive compensation including equity in the company. 
    • middle: from 35k
    • senior: from 45k
  • perks: Spain: private health, restaurant tickes among others
  • Work from home (remote position)



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35 000.00€ bruts anuals
60 000.00€ bruts anuals


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